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Matlab 1-D Demo Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method (AWCM-1D)

AWCM-1D is an open sourced MATLAB library for learning and demonstration of Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method. It is developed by Dr. Oleg V. Vasilyev at Adaptive Wavelet Technologies LLC. It offers a collection of subroutines/algorithms essential for developing/undrstanding of the Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method (AWCM). The technical details of the AWCM are described in the paper by Vasilyev and Bowman (J. Comp. Phys., 2000). All demo subroutines are written for clarity of understanding of the algorithm without any consideration for efficiency.

The software is accessible on GitLab under MIT Open Source Licence and can be accessed via follwoing link:

Adaptive Wavelet Environment for in Silico Universal Multiscale Modeling (AWESUMM)

AWESUMM is an open sourced modeling and simulation environment for solving complex multi-scale problems of engineering and scientific interest. At the core of the problem solving environment is an integrated adaptive multi-scale wavelet-based modeling and simulation framework that on-the-fly identifies most domoinant structures of the solution, resolves and “tracks” them on a space-time adaptive computational mesh. The AWESUMM software is developed by a team of people for over two decades and is based on the work of Dr. Oleg V. Vasilyev and his collaborators. The computational engine is based on fully Parallel Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Solver with multi-resolution hierarchical dynamic quad/octree data-structure and dynamic load balancing/domain repartitioning. The technical details of the modleing and simulation approaches are described publications section of this site. The AWESUMM was used for modeling and simulation of variety of phyiscal systems including single/multi-phase, compressible/incompressible, inert/reactive, subsonic/supersonic, transitional and turbulent flows of physical and engineering interest. Represetative examples can be found in animations section of this site.

The software is accessible on GitLab under Open Source Licence and can be accessed via follwoing link:

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Last Updated: June 16, 2019